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Sir I am sangeet from bidar I was did sex with my lover still we are unmarried but we are did sex with my boyfriend 4th august on Monday night but now we are getting fear about pregnant please give solution about controlling pregnant is their any tablet to use control


katey kate

Hello there! Well, there are so many birth control pills that you can have to avoid being pregnant. But I suggest that you consult a doctor for you to know what kind of birth control pills is good for you and that is safe for you to use. It's not that you can just take any birth control pills you like..because some has its side effects that instead of helping you with your problems, might give you another problem.So, that;s it. Ask your doctor first.


rhona mae

There are many ways to control pregnancy. It's up to you which of the different contraceptives to use. But just always be open to the many possibilities that it also has some side effects on your body. Just be careful in using it. Know all the advantages and disadvantages of it. To avoid any harmful effects of it in your body.


Bia Bianca

Control pregnancy can be achieved in many ways. There are many birth control pills and other natural ways that can prevent you from being pregnant. But make sure you will choose the best contraceptives pills to avoid any sife effects, I suggest, use the natural way of birth control that is proven safe and good for the body.



Can I ask something? Why are you trying to have control pregnancy? Do you have many kids already? Sorry, If I see, I'm a woman/wife who really tried everything just to get pregnant. I love to have children on my own but unfortunately it was not given to me yet from above. But I'm getting my fingers crossed and still hoping for the best. That's why I'm curious why you don't want to get pregant,..cause I'm the opposite one.



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