baby crazy?
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I am 21, married for almost a year (in a secure, healthy relationship for 3), and an ambitious student pursuing a post grad degree in neuroscience. and i can't stop thinking about getting pregnant. cognitively, I know I am not in a position right now to have kids, I have at least 5 more years of school. but, sometimes, this desire seems overwhelming. I find myself hoping that my birth control method will fail. Does or did anyone else experience this sort of longing at such a young age and/or at such an inopportune time?



you seem smart so if you do get pregnant then im sure you will know what to do. since you've been thinking about it consciously or unconsciously then there are already a few scenarios/planning running through your mind. "nesting" seems to be a common feeling among women no matter how old they are.



ask yourself this - will it distract you from your studies and eventually from reaching whatever goals you have set in your life? if your answer is a big NO, then by all means go make a baby with hubby. it is that simple!

it is also a great idea if you discuss this with the hubby. after all being married and having a baby is a decision made by the couple.



Thanks Kelly and Ona. =D Yeah you're both right. I know the answers to my own question. Really just looking for inputs from other women's perspective.



i don't know who hijacked my account, but i did not write the above comment...
anyway, yes, a baby would definitely derail my life. I would not be able to achieve my goals, plus we are both poor college kids and would not be able afford a child right now. which is why this is a problem, I think about it all the time. I just want it to stop so I can concentrate on school. any suggestions besides "go make a baby" would be greatly appreciated



I don't know what birth control method you are using, but the pill seemed to curb my baby impulses. Unfortunately, it also lowered my libido, which might be a good thing in your situation.;-). Just remember, you are going to school so your child can have a better life. When you think about it that way, postponing pregnancy is a better alternative!



I know the feeling. I'm 2 mos. shy of 20 and I get that feeling a lot. Especially since my best friend and a couple relatives are all having their first children right now. I'm in nursing school & getting married soon, but we're crazy about kids. We know we should wait awhile but it's irritating to be feeling like this.



I've had the same issue since I was 18 and am now 25. The craving of having a life in my womb still tingles every day... I have found nothing to calm this feeling and my best friend had the same thing until she recently became pregnant. I think its just part of the nature of life.



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