Am I pregnant?
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Since the last birth of my son via c section, my periods have been spot on. But as of August 4, 2014 (the first day of my last period) I have experienced breast tenderness, cramps, change if appetite, and complete heart burn. I've taken a few tests, which have come up negative, and just kind of gave up after 5 weeks. But so far my lack of a period continues. I have even gone as far as installing an app that tells me how many weeks I could be if I was pregnant. According to this app, I'm 9w1d .. should I take another pregnancy test? I'm just worried to find the answer being I already have 2 boys.



There's nothing to worry about. Being pregnant is a gift from God. Face your pregnancy with open arms. Just do the necessary things every pregnant woman would definitely do. Avoid any activities which can cause harmful effects on your pregnancy.Have a prenatal check-up to be sure of your condition and to the condition of the baby as well.



I guess you are.Embrace pregnancy with a smile and light in your heart. Many people are trying to get pregnant but can't able to make it. You are so lucky to experienced it. So, value the child inside your womb and take care of yourself. Remember that your baby's health condition merely depends on how you take good care of yourself.



Be thankful for that wonderful blessing you are having. If your pregnant, then just be happy and enjoy your life as a pregnant woman. You are lucky enough to be able to experience such pregnancy,..many women would love to get pregnant but were not given a chance by faith. So, good for are one of the luckiest women out there!



Yes, you are pregnant. Value the little life inside your womb. The little angel just depending its life on you. Don't engaged yourself now with too much activities that could make your baby's life in danger. Eat the right foods everyday. Remember, you are eating for two now. You need to consider your baby's health before your own. Goodluck! have a wonderful pregnancy ahead!



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