All pregnancy symptoms but negative tests! Please help :(
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Hi guys, well my period I's 8 days late!

My last period lasted a normal 5 1/2 days and ended on the Sunday eve, the Sunday after approximately 1 week after i had light spotting, really light though, I've been tired, exausted, sore joints, migranes and back ache, can't get comfy I'n bed at all....needing too urinate a lot and have been constipated on and off!

I took a test on Tuesday night and it was negative. So i did another Thursday night, still negative!
I'm never I'll at all and this morning i woke up to feeling like i was going to be sick and couldn't eat the breakfast my partner had made me :(

Wortse thing I's i hvent been to the doctor since 2007!!! So when i call to book a apoinment they tell me i have to re register and find a surgery closer to my new adress! :(

This meaning i won't get a appointment for days now!

Has this late period and symtoms but negative test happened to anyone else?
An what was the outcome?
If and when i get a doctors appointment can he tell there and then if I'm pregnant or will i have to wait for results?

Thanks I'n advance x x x x



Hello, I'm kinda in the same boat as you, only I KNOW I'm pregnant and I haven't gotten a possitive result yet. Honestly, best thing you can do is wait and see if you get your next period and if you don't test then. It is very possible to test negative if you test too early, and its pretty common too. I'll let you know what happens with me, I've been having all the symptoms as well and I'm due for my period in 2 days but I don't feel it coming at all, none of my normal PMS symptoms are here... I also tested negative at the doctors with a blood test, but that was only 2 weeks after the spotting that I'm sure was implantation bleeding, so it could have been too early to get a possitive. Good luck, I know the waiting game sucks... If you really believe you are you should start taking prenatal vitamins just to be safe, if it turns out you're not then the vitamins will just make your hair and nails grow faster and healthier.



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