Severe pain at onset of menstral cycle
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Midwest Lady

Can't figure out what is wrong with my sister-in-law (obviously doctors can't either). For the past 4 months she has been taken to the ER with severe abdominal area pain when her cycle is about to begin. She has been admitted all 4 times and spends 4 days in the hospital. She's had test after test, CT scans, sonograms. Nothing. Yet each month she lands back in the hospital. White blood cell count goes high, blood pressure goes high, pulse rate goes high. Severe vomiting and can't hold anything down. The pain is so severe that morphine is given to her in IV form because she can't keep anything down. I've looked around the Internet a bit but can't find out too much specific information. Wondering if anyone else has had this sort of problem and how it was dealt with. She is 46. Spleen has been removed (horseback riding accident). Otherwise normal and in good health. Up until now. She was taken back to ER this morning with this month's ritual. Does she need a hysterectomy and if so wouldn't all of the tests indicate such? Any information will be appreciated. I would love to be able to help her and the family but I don't know where to start. Maybe someone out there does. Thanks for your time.



My first thought is "Spasms or extreme cramping. These could be caused by an imbalance of some kind. Im thinking it might be a vitamin deficiency. Twitching, shaking, and cramping are all signs of magnesium deficiency. Of course if she is that deficient In magnesium then she is in serious danger of a heart attack.

Testing this really isn't expensive, you simply buy Vitamins. I don't recommend going to a regular store for shelf vitamins. Those are low quality and most never devolve in your stomach and simply pass right through you. Go to a vitamin shop, they tend to be better quality and most actually desolve. I would do larger doses of Vitamin D, Magnesium, betacarotene, and Vitamin K.

Vitamin D isn't really a vitamin, it acts more like a hormone. Your body uses it for a lot of its timing and control functions, as well as using it as the main ingredient in the production of white blood cells.

Magnesium is needed by the body for proper muscle function. Without it you get tremors, ticks, and cramping and charley horses. Also your heart cant beat without it.

Vitamin K and Beta carotene are important for the proper function of your period. Deficiencies cause irregular, long, and heavy periods. With out Vitamin K you would simply bleed to death its critical to your clotting factor. Technically Vitamin K IS your clotting factor.

My second thought is that something may be out of place. Does she have a IUD? Has she been checked for uterine polyps? Both of these can cause serious pain.

If she is older, she is probably on several medications. Check her medication on line. What are the known side effects. Has she changed or added a new medication the month that this all started? What entered the home, happened to her, or changed on the month this all started.

My guess is that its not one thing, but a combination of things each making the problem worse. Oh, and when looking through the meds, don't over look the birth control pills. I find that the best way to find medication side effects is to go to google and type in the medication and the word "problems". You will learn more reading peoples forum posts than from most pharmacy websites.

About the vitamin thing. I never thought much about vitamins until my biology for nursing classes I took in college. Those classes went in depth on how the body uses several key vitamins. I was surprised by the statistics as well. For instance the percentage of heart attacks a year causes by nothing more than a magnesium deficiency. I don't remember the exact percentage, but I do remember that it was surprisingly high. Don't dismiss the vitamin possibility out of hand. Its inexpensive and it may just solve her problem. Good luck with your detective work. I hope you find the problem



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