Pregnancy Post Miscarriage
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Hi, i had a miscarriage last March 20 and had my period back last April 14-21. I had my first contact with my partner after the miscarriage last May 6 and now i am freaking out coz I might be pregnant again. It's only been 4 days and my partner thinks im over reacting. No condoms just withdrawal. but i cant sleep, i feel nervous and i dont have appetite. need enlightenment :(



I can relate to your story. Been there also, and yes, I did become pregnant. You should have used condoms instead of having a withdrawal. Withdrawal is really not safe,there are lots of possibilities that you will become pregnant because of it.



Well, having to experience pregnancy after miscarriage is quite stressful and confusing. The idea of being pregnant again after miscarriage is a mix feeling..a woman can be both excited and frustrated. I guess, that's what you are feeling right now. Which your partner doesn't understand and just thinking you are over reacting. But just be calm, wait for the result. Whatever it is, it's Gods plan and you need to accept it.



Miscarriage is quite not good experience for a woman. It's actually traumatizing and very painful experience. That's why women, after experiencing a miscarriage, find out that she's already pregnant. It will probably give her a feeling of discomfort and fear that she will be having another miscarriage which she is afraid she can't anymore take and probably felt sorry for herself and for her baby.



Well, it's not easy being able to experience miscarriage. I know for the fact because I've been there too. And until now, being able to think about it, brings back the loneliness and the feeling of regret and I still kept on blaming myself of what happened.



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