mood swings
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are mood swings one of the signs of menopause?



one of them... but they tend to differ from woman to woman...better get a check up.



its caused by the fluctuating hormone levels in the being pregnant...



i am told that this is normal and one of the many women undergoing menopause will go through.



Mood swings are just one of the many and varied symptoms we have to go through during this period in our lives.



some symptoms are not present in women going through menopause.



mood swings are part of the roller coaster of symptoms that we have to go through during menopause. perfectly normal



OK thank you very much. Appreciate the answers.



What are some strategies for dealing with these insane mood swings? It is affecting my marriage.



hormones can be very funny and annoying at times... in the case of menopause its the dwindling supply that's annoying!



I have felt over the last few yrs that I am losing my mind..but now I am starting to see it is all due to menopause! I wish there was a magic pill to help the mood swings!



I think I am going crazy. I am ok then I am in a rage then all I can do is cry. My family thinks I am bipolar, my two teens have left until I can Pull it together and my husband just wants to joke about it or hug me. I just want to be normal again. What if I can't pull it together? What if this is it?



You mean I'm not the only one? I'm having a really hard time controlling my emotions at all anymore. I lose my temper with my kids, I get so crabby I can barely think at work, and then all of a sudden I'll be fine. OR in a fantastic mood, for no obvious reason. I hate it, and I'd think I was bi-polar myself if any of it lasted long enough to actually be labeled depression or mania. Frankly, it's the crabbiness that I can't stand, and the lack of anything resembling patience.



I have been on HRT for 3 yrs. I have been ok with only having to adjust doseage 1x. I feel like I am about to lose my mind. Everybody gets on my nerves and the least little thing makes me cry. I don't have hot flashes I have cold ones and usually a few nights a week I'll have 1 night sweat per night. I am on 1mg estradiol oral tablet and going to 2mg makes me swell and breakout. I don't know if I need an antidepressant or if I need to try a new HRT. I am under alot of stress, which I know can mess with hormones, but I can't stand myself. I feel like there are 2 of me, a nice side and an "evil" side. It's funny but it's not. Help!



When my wife's mood swings.. it's really hard.. sometimes I don't know what to do to make her feel better...



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