Menstruation did not arrive
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Hello guys,

I would like to ask your opinion about my problem.
I always have my menstruation on the 29th of every month. Except for the month of December, my menstruation did not arrive.
I have my bf, but I am not sexually active. We do only french kiss and hugging. That's all.
I also tried to watch , because I was curious about it.
I know that french kissing, hugging, and watching doesn't lead to pregnancy.
Is my menstruation did not arrive because I did not experience stress during this Christmas vacation?

Please help me. What would be the problem?
Your answers would give me a peace of mind. Thank you so much and God Bless! :)



Wow- 29th of every month!?? That's soo regular. Lucky you. But you must be on the pill then?
Periods can be missed for a multitude of reasons- stress usually causes later periods (not lack of stress). Maybe it's excessive alcohol over the holiday season? Or different sort of stress- like the anxiety of awkward family gatherings stress :)



From what you have said, you seem to be having regular cycles.
From a professional point of view, one single episode of menses will trigger this
1. Missed menses can have several causes including simple ones like stress or even some medication effects as well diseases of the genital tract. However, a single episode preceding normal cycles in a sexually active individual makes the pregnancy a high ranking possibility that must be objectively ruled out. From what you have written, pregnancy looks unlikely. If you meet a doctor today and told him/her what you just wrote here, the first test he would recommend will be a pregnancy test! One never knows. Rather than bogging your mind, start by eliminating what bothers every other person first with a simple, inexpensive urine pregnancy test. You loose nothing but just about $2!

Should pregnancy not be the case, then there are two possibilities remaining. Stress or disease. Stress, especially the kind of december season can interfere with the cycles. It may not be wise to seek medical care now except there is associated symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding or fever. If any of these are present, do well do see your doctor.

Also, it is interesting to find that your menses follow the exact dates of the months like that, every 29th of the month. It usually does not follow calender months date but cycle length. Know the precise lenght of your cycles?

Hope this helps you. U can always ask what still seems unclear.God bless you too.



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