Menstrual pain
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Have intense cramps and do not want to have to always take pain killers and Midol. Any natural suggestions that work?



It is not good idea to take pain killers for dealing with menstrual pain. For this you can make use of natural ways like specific exercises, good lifestyle with proper diet.Even I use to face the problem of heavy bleeding and menstrual cramps then my doctor suggested me to make use of menstrual cups and specific yoga exercises for dealing with menstruation pain. You can get some useful information about menstrual cycle at .


Mariani Mitch

One way to avoid any menstrual pain is to say no to caffeine or any other caffeinated drinks during menstruation. It really triggers cramps and other PMS symptoms. Instead of having caffeinated tea or soda in your diet, try to have herbal's so natural and it certainly can relieve menstrual pain you are having. It also has no side effect and proven safe for the body.


rhea mae

Just treat your menstrual pain in natural way. Natural herbs and medicine is good way to treat some kinds of pains and disorders because it does not have any side effect. Like menstrual pain, it can be treated by natural herbs. Drink some herbal tea there are many herbal tea that can be a good treatment for menstrual pain. Just look for it over the counter or even freshly made herbs..around your surroundings.



Yes, I don't recommend also pain killers in treating menstrual pain. It will not give you any good because you will be dependent on taking it every menstrual period. It will relieve menstrual pain, but it will also gives you side effect and even create another form of diseases.



Yes, i also prefer natural herbs and medicine in treating menstrual pain because its proven safe and don't have any side effect. You can search any natural herbs anywhere even at your backyard. Aside from the fact that it is cheap, but it's also very effective in treating menstrual pain.



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