menstrual cup
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a menstrual cup is a reusable form of sanitary product. like the name, it collects menstrual blood in a cup that is placed in the vagina. would you use it?



how'd you put this on then? isnt it messy if it's holding the blood?



you put them on just like a tampon. and take off like a tampon. it is bell shaped and comes in different sizes so it can hold menstrual blood adequately.



earth friendly too. you will only need one coz its reusable.



isn't this a bit uncomfortable? wont it leak?



it depends on how heavy you bleed but Im sure you can change the cup for a fresh one. there are how to videos related to this in YouTube.



is it safe to use with iud?



yep, saw their demos on YouTube. Its not that complicated. you also just need to either boil it or clean it with ispopropyl alchol. I went to the sea sponges and although I did not see a demo, i think the cup is less messy.



hey! the cup is getting popular. i dunno if this is out of concern for personal health or the environment! but it is good to know that other women worry about such issues!



well juliet the iud is in the womb and the cup is only at the base of the vagina and so there should be no problems :)



i saw some on line. the diva cup and the moon cup. never thought they would be big, i imagined a thimble or something!



a thimble is too small, but yeah they are kinda big, but there are different sizes. I want to try this, i find it cool!



i found a blog on this on word press and it seems that they come in different colors too. my friend and I are going to try them out next month to see if they live up to expectations :)



According to my view menstrual cup is an amazing thing to use. It is easy to use and very comfortable too. At night it is a best thing thing to sue with any tension. Less odor and can be used for 12 hours a day. You can view detailed info about it at the menstruation section at . Menstrual cups are designed for long term use.



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