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Good Day!

I just hit the big 50 yesterday and I am currently searching for people who could give me a personal account on what to expect when menopause strikes. I dont think I have symptoms yet but I would like to know what others are going through.



My mom got hot flushes(?) and acne breakout when she underwent menopause. she also got turned off sex for periods of time only to have weird sexual urges...i guess this is because of the hormones...and then there were minor bouts of depression...

Menopause has different symptoms for each of us but the hot flashes and the rolercoaster emotions are quite common...



Almost all women get hot flashes when undergoing menopause. Another common symptom is weakened sex drive and vaginal dryness. Pls see your doctor so that you can learn more and discuss options.



a friend of mine had really strange mood swings. and was often depressed. she told me she could not help it.



women have different symptoms but most women get depressed, have mood swings, get nauseus, gain weight and have hot flushes.



Menopause can be a roller coaster ride. One minute you feel sexy next minute you feel like *insert expletive here*. but the symptoms listed by the participants in this thread are the most common.



My mother got very mild symptoms when she underwent menopause. My aunt on the other hand rode the roller coaster. So I guess it does depend on a case to case basis. Good Luck!



Hi Laura,

My advice is for you to talk to your doctor. When you talk to him bring your husband/partner so that he has an idea of what you will be going through.



At that age, anything that does not feel right warrants medical attention. it can be a host of other things aside from menopause and it never hurts to be safe and to make sure it is menopause.

Hope you are fine laura!



my eldest sister said, she did not know she was undergoing menopause till she got the missing periods and hot flushes. the symptoms come and goes and there are good days and not so good days. the worst is the low libido... very hard for her and her husband because not only are you not in the mood, its very hard to get into the mood!



Can you suggest remedy for continuous dryness and UTI



How do you solve the problem of continuous vaginal dryness



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