male menopause
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male menopause??? is there such a thing???



Yes there is! Amazingly the symptoms are simlar to female menopause: fatigue, weakness, depression, low sex drive...

this happens when testosterone lowers in production.



Never heard of this but it is interesting!



Yey! Girl power!



So what happens? Are they not able to get "it" up?



is this the same as their "midlife crisis"?



During the last six months I have become impotent losing all my desire for sex. I feel weak and sweat a lot at night feeling a lot of heat in my body. I feel like I have lost most of my manhood. The roles with my wife have changed. Right now she makes all the important decisions for us having complete control of me


wife of crabby man

my husband is going through a horrible change. he's irritable, very angry,no sex drive. but, how do you get him in his angry state to agree to go to the doctors. because he says he doesn't have a problem



my man is also experiencing male menopause, sometime he's depressed and lately hot flushes. but he is on the last part of alcohol withdrawal. he's already toke some anti depressant pill, which is good too. fortunate for him, his sex drive is still up, maybe due to his good diet. i think as their partner we should support them all the way. its not that bad, but male menopause is part of aging, we just need to be well informed.



What is menomause



i am 45 married male. i am experiencing difficulty in erection but has increased sex drive these days; it is frustrating... can anyone help me?



Hi Joe, i too go thru same situation some what. have u got any practical advises which u can share with me?



I'm sorry, It just makes me so angry that we except all this as normal. We are so submerged in this crap that we can no longer see whats right in front of us. We stopped reasoning. We parrot phrases like male menopause and mid life crisis because the some talk show taught us a new word. We stopped even thinking important questions like; Why does western culture demand men strive for unreachable goals? Does male menopause exist in non western cultures? Do men living in remote tribes get this?

Here are a few questions to get you started.

Why didn't Japanese/Chinese women experience menopause prior to westernization?

Why dont the Amish or Mennonite people have any cases at all of Autism, while the disease has increased 40 percent over the last four years every where else.

Why do we add arsenic in the form of Roxarsone to the chicken feed of food chickens that you buy at the store?

Why do we add poisonous mercury in the form of Thimerosal to human vaccines?

Why isn't it taught in schools that John Hanson and not George Washington was actually the first president of the United states. (Served from 1781 to 1782)

Why don't we reason anymore?



Very interesting points you make R... Your observations on western society's possible adverse effects are on people are thought-provoking, though probably culturally defined (8 hours of TV a day seemsa lot to me). You claim to be "angry" that we accept so much in life as "normal" and as you go as far as John Hanson in your list of things which make you angry says to me that you are a very knowledgable person and probably frustrated that so many people do not see what`should´ be obvious!? I am inclined to suppose that you probably have some adequate outlet for your brigh mind which can lessen your frustration... if not I hope you can find one soon!



.. PS. please excuse typing errors!



Hi, my name is Jodi and I work for a national daytime talk show. I’m looking to speak with males who are either going through (or wondering if they are going through) male menopause. If you're one of the 5 million other men going through the change of life and you’d like to share your story, email DaytimeTVShow (at) g mail (dot) com asap with a name, phone number, self-description and recent photo.



I have been having what appear to be panic attacks, and the treatment has included Prozac and Lexapro, both of which have been inneffective and have caused side effects. I am starting to wonder if what I'm experiencing is Andropause. The symptoms seem to match, with the exception of a large increase in feelings of claustrophobia. These feelings tend to bring on the hot flashes, nausia, sweats, etc. which I have assumed were panic attacks. Has anyone out there experienced increased claustrophobia with Andropause?



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