irregular periods
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im 17 years old.. my menstruation is irregular ever since i started menstruating..
but lately i have not got my period for five months.. it scares me
im afraid to seek medical consultation,
do i have health complications?



my periods are irregular, how do i get regular periods with less pain



My menstral cycle is sometimes more than 28days,can i still use d ovulation calender to know when i am ovulating?please


suman kumari

i am 21 year old slim periods is not going proper from last two month..but come something serious? i dont know how to regular it?



I did protectedsex with my Girlfriend. She got periods on june 14 but still she not getting period. . .wat will b the prblm. If there is a chance to get pregncy for her



Why do i pass blood clots during my periods



Why do i pass clots of blood when im on my period



does the change city and changed climate affect the menstration cycle?



please answer guys, i have'nt had my period for almost 3 months on going, since i went here in other country i start work,stress,weight gain, too much head ache. Do you know what is this cause means?



i never missed my period...and its been 5 days already. i´ve been relly dizzy



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I am 28 years old and have been on the pill for the last 10 years. My periods have became more irregular w/in the last year. I have had irregular paps in the past and had to have colposcopys, I stopped taking the pill a few months ago and thought that it may help me get my cycle back on track, but no luck. I am begining to worry since I have not had a regular cycle in almost a year. Should I be worried??



i am 25yrs and married am having irregular menstruation for like 3month s now have not been menstruating and am not pregnant what can i do



I have a copper IUD and my period was 2 days late and lasted less then 3 days (it normally lasts 4 to 5 days) the day i was suppose to start i got pink discharge and that lasted the two days i was late. I took 2 preganacy tests both negative. i have a doctores appointment tomorrow morning just wanna know what could be the other possablities as to why it would do this.



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