irregular periods
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I am having problems with my periods lately, I have not got my period for three and half months now and I am not pregnent. So I wanted to know what I can do to make it regular again.



you can go to a doctor and tell him your predicament. can also ask him for medication to make cycles regular.



go to the doc and see if he/she can give you prescription for the pill.



how do you know you are not really preggers? take a pregnancy test to make sure.



A health professional would be the best person to answer this query.



there is medication to induce menstruation. ask your doctor about it.



I am assuming that this is the first time that you've had this problem ever since you started menstruating?


the cat

Is this the first time this has happened? You may want to ask about PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).



Well birth control helps to regulate periods, but there's always side effects.



i'm 15 years old, and my period has been irregular for about a year. it comes every 2 weeks! i'm hoping as i get older it will regulate. i know birth control could help but it messes up your system so i don't wanna take it. aaah /:



My periods are usually consistent and regular. Could a bladder infection be the cause of a period arriving a week and a half early?



give me some house tips to get early period



I have no period for last 5 monthes but not adviced me to take northesteron . But no result..plz help me



im so irregular as well, i may have this month, nxt month, and after that, stop again for 3months, then nxt nxt monnth, i'm bleeding for 3 - 4 weeks.. and not just regular mens or blood, it is in pieces, a thumb size, etc. scary but iam like this for almost 7 years now.


betty hinga

since 1998 to date my periods have irregular since. but would like them now to be regular how can they be regulated. Please help


gitika kalita

I am having periods problem.I have not got my periods for four months and I am not pregnent.please help me out.



im 17 years old.. my menstruation is irregular ever since i started menstruating..
but lately i have not got my period for five months.. it scares me
im afraid to seek medical consultation,
do i have health complications?



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