Irregular Periods for past six months
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I always had regular periods coming in about every 28 days. Then, I had sex for the very first time last August and developed a yeast infection shortly after, maybe due to the hot summer and not wearing cotton panties. The cause is unknown. I took the generic form of flucanozole, which immediately got rid of my yeast infection. Everything was fine until December when I began bleeding about a week after my last day on my regular period. At first this irregular period caused really bad cramps with brownish blood; not a very heavy flow. This continued, so I went to see a gynecologist about it and she prescribed LoLoLestrim, and I began to take it at the beginning of April. My period in early May was very light and short, but then my irregular bleeding began and has been going on for about 5 days, with heavier bleeding and very red blood as well as a lot of cramping. Should I keep using the birth control and wait it out, or could this be a sign of something more dangerous? Help, I'm worried.



Hello! Are you sure and know the person you are having sex with? Is he safe and are you the only one person he's done with it? And you should have protective sex. You know, now a days, it's important that you trust no one especially when having sex. You can't tell what will happens next.


lilly of the valley

You need to be very careful. Always use protection during sex no matter how close you are with the person. It's good to be safe than sorry.


Rhey Nah Deth

Well, it's quite alarming to have irregular periods for past six months. Have you not consulted a doctor about it? I guess it's about time that you need to know the reason behind your irregular periods.



You should not have sex unprotected. Now, you are bothered why you have felt irregularities of periods. Sex months is quite long enough. If I were you, I will have to consult the doctor in order to be able to get necessary treatments of whatever diseases you are now having.



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