Irregular Periods ( daily or 3 days once bleeding )
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I am female of 40. Right from my early days, I have no child. My menstruation cycle was perfect, before I gone to doctor to have test for child birth. My problem is I use to conceive and after 2 or 3 months it will abort automatically. This was happening several times. So we decided to have complete medical check up.

Everything was normal including HORMONE test. Doctors were wondering why I am unable to deliver a child. When ever i get automatic abortion, I use to go to doctor and they use to clean it. This happened 3 times. Finally a doctor decided to clean the uterus and after that they injected with private sperm to get a child birth. After 2 months again automatic abortion and once more cleaned the uterus.

After that cleaning i am getting irregular menstruation, in beginning the bleeding was heavy and month after year the volume of menstruation blood gone low and i still getting periods daily or 3 days once which may wet one single napkin. Now the 10 years gone. i am getting bleeding 3 days one or even daily for some days. Some time even if i am not pregnant, the menstruation periods won't come for several months. I went again for medical checkup with another doctor to find the exact solution.

They said everything normal. But in this past 8 years, my stomach is like a pregnant lady but i am not pregnant. Daily or 3 days once periods are also continuing. This problem is with me more than 12 years. I took several medicines and finally got fed up and i stopped going to doctors.

In between i got stomach pain severely and when i gone to doctor, they said i have kidney stone. They treated it and stomach pain stopped. But they said still you have 2 small stones. In future it may give trouble at that time also we can drain those kidney stones with injections and medicines.

In the recent years, people use to say my body is getting bigger in size like obesity. So i went to a lady doctor. She took some blood test and finally that madam said i have HIGH CHOLESTEROL. Now i am taking atorvastatin tablets regularly.

Though i have these sorts of complaints, I won't get any stomach pain or menstrual pains during often menstruation or 3 days once menstruation. In bed life also i am with proper mood and having good sex when I am not with periods.

So what may be reason for?

1. Daily or 3 days once menstruation (light menstruation - never had a regular 5 days or 3 days continuous menstruation or with perfect bleeding)
2. Why my stomach is always like pregnant lady. (Whether it is due to this sick, or whether it will be belly fat)
3. I have cholesterol, so whether there is any hope in life to conceive a child once more.
4. Is there any possibility to deliver a child?
5. Is there any chance to get pregnant as I am having irregular menstruation?

Can any one suggest me to have a right solution.



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