i'm stressed worried and scared
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hey i'm just a 20 year old girl. i like with my folk , i attent colledge
my period isn't perfectly constant

i tried to follow it someotimes but it's never the exact number of days at which it would come. sometimes it my period would last 7 days, sometimes about 5.
Sometimes the cycle would be 4 and half weeks long, other times 5.

i am pretty sentitive during the cycle, so i can "feel" the stages. Starting from the middle of the cycle: i tend to get irritated easily, or emotionally unbalenced. My apettite grows giving me some sort of constant "munchies". I bloat up, my breast hurt either just by themselves or when squeezed (not all the time). My skin gets oily and i have a lot of spots and accneea(i think it's beause i retain water and that i don't eliminate all the toxines as the body tried to prepare the nurture for a possible zigot).

In the end i am beeing freed by my period. the besttime i feel right after my period end and before my ovulation starts.

But now i'm kinda scared. I kinda feel it's been a week late. I still hope it will come soon... i'll get evern more worried if it won't be her by sunday.

i am starting to think of what if i am pregnant?
what if it's just the stress that's getting to me?
i want to take a test. Is it too early? I don't want to wait anymore!
I'm scared of the result. What if i do have an early pregnancy?
I am just a child at mind. I can't grow a baby of my own yet.
I have to finish school have a job and get married. Not like this!
I can't wait for it to grow more but i am also scared of the abortion.
I researched a bit of the risks of the pains both emotionally and phisically.
I know i will be tormented for life... but i really really don't want to wait till i see the embyo in a baby shape. i want it out while it's still a undefined ball. this way i would be more content thinking that i didn't get to look human at least.
I don't loath it... i want to have kids,lots of them! But i'm not ready now...
I know it's my fault, it's my mistakes but... Oh god i just hope my period is late because of the stress. I wish i could find out right now which one is it!



ok, you had alot of questions, I have some questions for you, when you had sex was it unprotected? was it around the middle of the month? Stress can make you very late especially if you know your periods are inconsistant. You won't get a possitive result from a pregnancy test until you are at least 3 weeks late for your period. If you had unprotected sex during the second week or third week after your last period then you could possibly be pregnant.



well i did have sexual intercourse throughout the month. I am a bit reluctant in the first 5 days after my period but i do ask my boyfriend to use protection when it's 12 days... around the middle of the cycle since then it's when the ovulation is happening.
But i also am aware that sperm can still live inside for a few days...
and even if he didn't ejaculate on the inside there is a chance that the seminal fluid before ejaculation may contain live spermatozoids.

These two facts made me worried throught the entire month.

he was also concerned about it and he felt bad for being ignorant and conforted me and told me to clear my head from the stress.

the good news is that my period came friday... just like last moth (only it was at a different time)

i want to say thank you, i was glad to find this place to talk to.



I'm glad that everything worked out for you. You should consider birth control if you can take it (turns me into a crazy woman). Glad I could help you.



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