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I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to mine. I am 51 years old, and premenstrual cramps started to get worse in my mid-30s, and last longer. Now I only have periods every few months -- but I often have 2 to 3 months of premenstrual cramps. Id like to deal with this in a natural way rather than just taking painkillers. (They're not debilitating cramps, just annoying in the lengthiness of the cycle. I seem to be stuck in the PMS phase.) Thanks.


twinkle star

I experienced that dysmenorrhea or menstrual cramp during my teen years. But i start to get used to it when I reached 25 years old. Like you, I also deal with it the natural way. I try to take herbal medicine or some ointment to eliminate the discomfort and pain I'm feeling. But yes!..Natural treatment is not that effective. So, I try to take some acetaminophen or known to be an aspirin, which my friends suggested. I still been using it now cause it helps me relieved the pain I'm feeling from my dysmenorrhea.



Hi there!.. I've also experience having menstrual cramps before. It always ruining my day to day activities. It also give me some mood swing which so hard for me to control. I tried some natural treatments but at first, it doesn't work. But still I continue using it. I also found out through magazine that exercising like yoga also is an effective remedy for menstrual, I also give it a try and it sure works!..Plus the abdominal massage gives me so much satisfaction and relief. Try it for yourself. If it works for me..I think it will works for you too.



Actually most of women do really have menstrual's actually normal especially during the first day of menstruation. But if it occurs too much of your periods and it's so painful, you need to have your doctor check your condition..probably you are suffering a menstrual disorder that you are not aware about.



Menstrual cramps is normal if it's not frequently or regulary felt. But if it was felt from the start until the end of menstruation period, then it's not already normal and it needs a check-up from the health expert for further analysis on what really is the reason behind having regular menstrual cramps.



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