Sexual Dysfunction in Women?
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ED, or erectile dysfunction, is medically defined as the inability to achieve or sustain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. Virtually all men experience some erection failures at certain points in their lives. It can be the result of stress, depression, or sometimes even for no reason at all. For some, the problem becomes chronic.

Over 40% of adult women experience sexual dysfunction at some time in their life.Female sexual dysfunction is a complex and problematical issue, and medical opinion on the causes and treatments vary enormously.There's no doubt many women have been treated successfully for sexual dysfunction, but health advocates claim that pharmaceutical companies are attempting to turn normal female sexual function into a medical diagnosis, in a race to manufacture the first female impotence pill.

Female sexual dysfunction is categorized into four types of disorder:

Lack of sexual desire

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) is characterized by a total lack of interest, or an aversion to sexual overtures, stimulation and sexual activity. Women who experience HSDD rarely fantasize or think about sex.

Lack of sexual arousal

Female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) is defined as the inability to achieve or progress through the "normal" stages of sexual arousal. Women with FSAD have no interest in initiating sex and avoid sexual contact.

Discomfort or pain during intercourse

There are two categories within this disorder:

Dyspareunia is defined as pain or extreme discomfort in the genital area, particularly the vagina, before, during or after sexual intercourse.

Vaginismus is an involuntary contraction of the muscles around the vagina which makes penetration during sexual intercourse difficult or impossible.

Inability to achieve orgasm

Female orgasmic disorder (FOD) is the inability to achieve orgasm as a result of sexual arousal or intercourse. Orgasm is a learned response for women - it isn't an inherent response as it is for men.

Anorgasmia, or the inability to have an orgasm regardless of the cir stances, affects between 5% and 10% of women. It's often the result of inexperience, a lack of understanding of the female anatomy, cultural influences, inhibitions or sexual trauma.



Often times lack of desire is caused by the prescription medication that the woman is taking. Antidepressants and birth-control pills are notorious for their ability to completely remove a woman's sex drive. The problem is that when stopped, it can take several months for the body to re adjust the proper hormone levels and sexual desire is restored.

I have found that pain during intercourse tends to be damage to the vagina. This damage can be caused by many different things. An infection can damage and thin the lining, a harsh soap or chemical can damage the lining, or an allergic reaction to something in the environment can be a cause.

I have personal experience with the last two and helped to restore sexual function to two different women. My wife began having pain during intercourse that only seemed to get worse over time. This lasted several months until we realized that it may have been caused by our bath soap. We stopped using our bath soap and our laundry detergent, replacing them with Dr Woods natural soap. It took several months for the damage to heal, but now the pain is gone.

One of the women at the office began having problems as well, I advised her to change soaps, but that didn't help. After some sleuthing on my part I discovered that she had changed brands of feminine pads. The new pads had an extremely strong perfume that I could smell even through the wrapper. I advised her to throw the pack away and go back to her old brand. After a few days the swelling went down and the pain began to ease. Within a month, she was back to normal. The interesting thing to me was the fact that she didn't even realize there was swelling until it went away.

And lastly, I hate to say this because its often the opinion of doctors when they aren't smart enough or observant enough to discover the cause of the woman's problem. Its the easy answer that they immediately jump to. That answer is this; "Its all in your head."

Sadly when it comes to sex, there are some women who cant relax because of religious programming or psychological damage caused by their parents attempts to prevent teenaged sex. I was shocked when women in collage came here asking if she could be pregnant because she kissed a man. She assured me that she didn't have sex because she was upper class and sex was what low class people did. Think of the damage. How will sex go for her? Will her muscles tighten or be relaxed? will she orgasm when she is thinking the entire time how dirty and low class she is acting?

Very sad.



Woman who refuses to have sex, she has many reasons to it. It's something that she can't explain it exactly to his man because she doesn't want him to get disappointed. That's why when during sex, she can't even perform well, is considered already as sexual dysfunction? I don't think so.Everyday, a woman faces lots of stress, anxiety and struggle that she wants to overcome and having sex, is actually lasts on her mind. But it doesn't mean she didn't like to have sex at all.



Probably a woman is just having a post menstrual depression that's why she is not into sex anymore. Every women has the right to decline to something she anymore don't like about doing. I guess, men also have that kind of emotional stress regarding to sex. They need to know the reason why they don't like it anymore. There must be a good reason for it that needs to be release and open up through counseling.



Usually women get sexual dysfunction because they lack more stimulation from their partner. They should be given first some foreplay to make them ready with the sex act, emotionally, mentally and physically. They need to be given some massage first, something that they can relax so that they will also be aroused and would love to have sex with their partner.



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