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i want toknow more about felopio



how it be use



I have never heard of it, So I decided to look it up. The site shows an animation of how it works, but doesn't divulge the primary herb used or how this effect happens. All they say is that its an herbal antibiotic. An antibiotic wont cause tissue to be sucked out of your tubes, so I'm a bit stumped. The tissue coming out could simply be from the uterus wall. The skin there is special and designed to fall completely off every month. With no good data, I wouldn't recommend using it. Some herbs can cause cancer. Tea tree oil is a good example of this. Without any idea what they are putting in the product there is no way to determine if what it claims is possible, or even if its safe.

Im a big believer in herbs, by the way and have several in my medicine cabinet for medical use. They are there because those herbs have a proven track record of working, and are well known for doing the things that they do.

Herbal treatments are easy to prove the effectiveness of. If its real, you will find people talking about how it helped them, all over the internet. Garlic oil, or oil of oregano are perfect examples of this. A simple google search brings up tons of forum posts and herbal articles talking about infections being healed, and their antibiotic properties.

I looked everywhere for felopio. The only positive or negative stories I can find are on the felopio.com website. This doesn't bode well for felopio being real or helpful. There are tons of forum posts asking if anyone has tried it, but the only positive response I could find was very suspicious. The responder signed up to that forum that same day and only made that single post. Since 2009, that person hasn't posted again.

Does it work? Who Knows
Does it say what it is? No
Does it say why it works? No
Can evidence for it working be found elsewhere? No

Sorry, not good signs



What is Felopio?


Princess Warrior

Felopio is a herbal treatment used to unblock tubes. I'm using it now, and not impress as yet. It suppose to also boost sexual encounter, and instead my hubby is bleeding after sexual contact.I'm now hoping all is well inside of me since I've used it for the past two weeks already! Will keep you up-dated!



Good morning, Princess did you have anything coming out in the flush to say it is working as yet, how long is the treatment. I am desperate for one person to say it work for them because i want to use it.



Hi princess! whats going on with your treatment so far? its getting better



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