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boyrfriend withdraws every time we have sex. yes, we do it a lot like any healthy, active couple. we've been together for almost 4 years. fate must favor us coz I have not gotten pregnant accidentally ever.

* knocks on wood...

I guess its as effective as any other contraceptive? risky yes.



you must be very luck. withdrawal perhaps is one of the forms of contracption, if it can be called that, with the highest risk of getting pregnant. don't be overconfident. be careful if you are not ready to get pregnant.



That is being responsible if you just have your guy withdraw. Never safe. Good to know nothing has happend til now although the chances of getting pregnant in your case is very high.



wow! good luck!



no its not reliable. so i guess you are just lucky! haha!



somebody still uses this sort of method?!?!

i always find withdrawal sort of like abrupt. your there almost... but not quite and then...bam its not there anymore!!!



you'd be amazed at how many people/couples still do this up to now. :)



you know condoms are cheap and they are more relliable than the pull out method... but, hey whatever floats your boat!



well when my bf runs out of rubber, to hell with it! lols!



It takes self control and discipline to withdraw. kudos on finding a good man! And good luck to both of you!



My first time was withdrawal too... but you can get pregnant if the guy does not pull out in time...



Not all countries are as liberal as the United States and other Western countries when it comes to the issue of sex so withdrawal, aside from the rubber, is one of the more dominant ways for women to avoid getting pregnant.



i used withdrawal too...and im so scared right now coz she is just 16 years old and we are not legal of having our relationship..our parents will gonna kill us both if she got preggy..is there any chance for her to get pregnant?



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