Vinegar as Birth Control
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Is vinegar effective as birth control?



What? LOL! Where did you hear this?



It's an old wives tale my dear. This is not true. :)



I think in the olden days they used sponges soaked in vinegar the same way we use nuva rings or diaphragms today. But as to its effectiveness, I don't think so....



I googled this and it seems Egyptian women used this too. but i doubt that it's as effective as the stuff we have today!



The Egyptians were smart. They even had tampons made from papyrus!



LOL, those Egyptian women sure had clever ways! So did these work during the days of the Pharaoh?



hahaha! the papyrus tampons maybe but the vinegar birth control, doubtful!



Yeah funny LOLOL!!! I really laughed for real at reading this. What in the world does vinegar hve to do about birth control. Surely,maybe there are similar ingredients between vinegar & popular BC methods, but putting vinegar literally down there? That is really hilarious & ridiculous!!! Not to mention how your vagina is gonna smell after that. ROFL! ]:D



here's what they do Gigi: They soak sponges in vinegar before intercourse. When they are ready, the woman inserts the vinegar soaked sponge into her vagina like a diaphragm. The vinegar is acidic so sperm that goes into contact with the vinegar dies, preventing conception. After sex, the woman removes the sponges to be reused the next time she wants to do the nasty.

but I dont think its reliable though. not to mention that acidity messes with the vagina's natural pH, making her more prone to infection.



can i just say that women are so resourceful! imagine vinegar as birth control!!!



Brilliant Egyptian Women!!!! But I wonder how their vag smells like? So does Pharaoh still want to do the deed even if it smells like a vinegarette dressing down there??? ROFL!!!!



the alternative to the vinegar was crocodile dung!!! i think ill take the vinegar...hahaha!!! it amazing the info you find on the internet!!!



I like the Ancient Chinese Method better; condoms made out of goat/sheep intestines. another method was using musk in a form of herbal soup which was a favorite among prostitutes and concubines...the soup was very effective! but some of them ended sterile!

Can I just say that this topic is very educational and fun!



I have actually used this and I *think* successfully? I used a douche after sex with about 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. I never thought of using a vinegar-soaked sponge! brilliant!!! Anyway, I'm telling you that for a year I was in relationship with a man 10 years younger than me (he was 25 and I was 35) and sorry if this is TMI-- but we did it minimum 2x day--- for a year and I didn't get pregnant-- Until, it was the last day of my period--- I was lazy-- I didn't use it--- and I got pregnant!






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