Tubal Ligation should I?
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Hi All,

I'm considering Tubal Ligation. I've done it all in regard to birth control. I currently have a Mirena in place but after 12 months of feeling like a stinky, dripping tap, severe mood swings, menstrual symptoms I've hardly had before and heart palpitations (not sure if this one is related), I'm having it removed.

I don't want to go on any other hormonal method (The Pill, Depo-provera, Implanon etc) and have finished my child bearing. I'm 42 and have two grown children, plus my partner has two children and we don't want any more.

My main concern are the changes to my cycle post-op and any other symptoms. Given this is permanent - I want to thoroughly investigate and re-investigate the possible side effects...

Any thoughts?


Sarah Lee

Any birth control has it's own side effect. With regards to tubal ligation, there are many side effects brought by it. Breast tenderness, nausea and pain in the lower abdomen are just one of the many few in the lists. If you have experience any side effect cause by your ligation surgery then it's good that you immediately consult your doctor for further treatment.



I guess, it all depend on you. If you think you felt some kind of irregularities by your ligation surgery, then let your doctor know about it. So that, there's no more complications that will show up later on.


bumble bee

Yes, it all depends on you. You can choose whatever contraceptives or birth control you want to use. With regards to tubal ligation, if you think the first one you have was not perfectly done, then have your complains known to the doctor who put it in you. So that the mistake it has on you will not anymore be done to others. Let others be aware of what you've gone through.



Just choose the birth control which you think is good for you and the one that you think you are most comfortable in using.Follow your instinct and choose also the kind of birth control that doesn't have any side effect.



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