tubal ligation
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would you be willing to undergo tubal ligation? how many kids before you consider this form of contraception?



Probably, I mean if I am sure I wont want kids anymore then yeah.

I've always thought 3 kids is my max :)



a tubal ligation is like a full stop for me... no going back so I guess no.



when i have my 2.5 kids and wont be able to take birth control pills so yeah...this is a viable and practical option



when there is no other alternative for me, then yes



I would like to keep my options open for as long as possible. So in this instance, its a No for me.



if my partner will say no to a vasectomy.... then i will find other methods before i consider tubal ligation.



i had third cezerian 5 years before and tubal ligation was done during it ,can this tubal ligation be reversed coz i need more kids atleast one.and what are the side effects of this tubal ligation for birth control?



have anyone had a tubal reversed? is it expensive?



Definately. I am 34 with 4 kids. I am done dealing with birth control pills and their affect on me. I am actually looking into having it done in the next couple months.



Hi, What are the side effects of tubal ligation for a woman of age 30 having one kid of 9 years. How does she gets to daily routine life after this operation?



I have had a tubal Ligation it has been about 16 years ago. Can I still get pregnant? I’m asking because I haven’t had my period. I didn’t have one in March but had one in April, I haven’t had one since.
I think it’s because of stress and my anxiety attacks / panic attacks. My job has been extremely stressful and overwhelming in the pas several months. My body feels like it wants to start my period, I get all of the symptoms but nothing happens. What do you think?



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