side effects the doctor didnt mention?
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I really wish my doctor told me there is a good chance I will no longer have a sex life once I take birth control.
Does anyone else feel this way?
I am almost at the point where I dont even want sex ever again. I have lost my sex drive almost completely, I have no natural lubrication at all, and sex is so incredibly painful and uncomfortable.
It really puts a damper on my relationship.
Are there any hormone pills or herbal remedies that will help me?



Not that I know of. I recommend rotating through the different brands or types of birth control pills. Everyone's body is different, and if you read the forums, you will find that every pill has complaints like this. Usually the person complaining states that they are happy now that they are using a different pill, while others claim that the pill that the person says restored her sex life, is the one that stopped theirs. So it seems like there is no knowing which pill will work for you without actually trying it.

As for the doctors and side effects, the answer is that they cant tell you. It goes against the foundations of modern medicine. They are taught in medical school that for a doctor to be effective, the patent has to follow his advice unquestioningly. For this to happen the patient has to have complete faith in the doctor. You cant have that faith if you tell people that taking this pill or vaccine, will end your sex life or kill you deader than a door nail. So the doctors keep quiet.

You think the birth control pills are bad for you. Have you seen what the gardasil vaccine is doing to girls? Instant quadriplegic. You may not get cervical warts, but your drinking your food through a straw and wearing a diaper for the rest of your wheelchair bound life. This wont surprise you, but the doctors aren't telling people about that one either, but they sure are offering them out to people.

Just curious, but why stick with the pills, If your having problems, why not go with an IUD. The problems with the IUD stem from infections. If your clean and your partners clean, this shouldn't be a problem. Never forget that people tend to be nasty and very dumb. For example, I have a 13 year old daughter who I cant convince to bathe every day. Last week she was on her period and didn't bathe for three days. That's absolutely disgusting. When I confront her about it, she just looks at me and shrugs. She just doesn't care. Sadly, she is not alone, there are a lot of people like that. If they happen to have an IUD, you have to expect infections.

The old IUD's had a fiberous string that dangled down and could be seen through the cervix. Bacteria and viruses could wick their way up the string and into the uterus. The new ones are designed different and are fairly safe.



I agree with you, and I understand the doctors cant tell their patients what could possibly be in store for them. Otherwise no one would be making any money.
This is third brand I have tried, but they all seem to be the same.. although I think I need to try one that somehow balances my hormones out, the last pill I was on made me so angry and super sensitive all the time, I would cry at the drop of a hat,(quite literally) it was aweful.
The only reason I am on the pill is because my period was over a week long, extrmely heavy, aweful cramps, made me vomit, and I was pretty much bedridden for the whole week. So I have to say that the pills have fixed my period which I am thankful for..but just messed up other things.
And yes me and my partner are both very clean. We live together, and we both shower in the morning and at night aswell. But honestly..the IUD's completely freak me out. I couldnt stand the though of it just floating around my in my uterus.
I am so glad I am afraid of needles. There is no way in hell I would ever get that gardasil vaccine.
And I agree that there are people out there how are nasty and dont bathe every day.. I have a friend who does that. It gross's me out completely. I refuse to leave my house without showering.



I tried 6 different types of pills before the ones I'm on now, and I still feel like i hardly ever want it, I'm considering switching to an IUD. Some women just aren't made for the pill.



Also I was reading up on Mirena, and it is supposed to make heavy periods lighter so you could have the best of both worlds!



I have tried the Mirena IUD 2 years ago. But each month I felt sick and dizzy. So I decided to took it off 5 months ago. And the symtoms gone after that.
3 months ago, I then tried the copper IUD. After 3 days of insertion, infections started. If comes and goes (with cream treatment) for 3 months. And yes me and my husband are both very clean, shower in the morning and at night.
Before this, I haven't got infection for a long time. I discussed this with my doctor and she gave me the flusonazole capsule and suggested me to try couple month before I make decision to remove the IUD. What is your advise please?



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