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Hi my doc is saying I should have a mirena fitted or an implant as I wanted contraception and am 46 . I am worrid as I have heard that mirena is really painful to have fitted and also lots of problems afterwards. What do you all think? Also when is the best time to have it done?



Wether to get the Marina IUD is a personal decision.

The complaints Im seeing on the Marina are similar to the complaints Im seeing from every hormone based birth control method. Weight gain, acne, mood swings, loss of sexual desire, etc. These are run of the mill, common complaints.

The trouble is that , If you get these problems taking the pill, you can very easily change brands until you find one that works with your particular hormone balance. With the Marina, you will have to schedule a procedure to have it removed, also there are no alternatives you can try. In the USA, there are only two options for an IUD. The plain copper one and the Mirena. Unfortunately that doesn't give you many options.

The biggest and most common complaint Im seeing about the Mirena is unusual for a Birth Control Product. A lot of people are saying that the insertion and removal process is very, very painful. Several personal accounts that I have read have said that they wouldn't recommend the product because of the insertion pain. The impression that I get is that it all depends on wither the doctor numbs the cervix or not. From what I have read, some doctors may not be doing so.

From what I see as of this date, this looks like an average birth control product. Im not seeing any serious health risks like we are seeing with the the Patch, or some of the more dangerous pills seem to have.

Its average, but a pain to insert. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.


Just out of curiosity, I thought that taking hormonal birth control after the age of 35 wasn't recommended. Im curious why your doctor considers the Minera different.



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