low sex drive
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Hm, well I went off hormonal BC years ago, so it's hard to remember. I am sure it depends on the person and how long you've been on BC, best to ask a Dr, I would guess around a month or so.

Because there is a very small chance, ]5%, that the IUD will puncture your uterus upon insertion, leaving you unable to bear children. I had 4 different Doctors say they wouldn't even discuss the option with me, and I was 26 at that time. I ended up with an unwanted pregnancy, after using a condom AND the MORNING AFTER PILL! (WTF!?) and decided to terminate. The up side was, the clinic was full of positive modern thinking women, and they gave me a copper IUD, for free!



I'M 23 AND I HAVE A LOW SEX DRIVE. When i was in my teens i was always horny and in the mood and now im not. When me and my partner first got togther we had sex all the time and now its been 4 and a 1/2 yrs and im not in the mood anymore. I dont know what happened to me and i keep telling my partner that i dont know whats wrong with me and my partner keeps thinking they r the problem. How do i get my sex drive back?



hi im 22 have very loe sex drive i dont disire it much or think abut much dont have fetich or fantsize i think im a werido =( get upset my bf it hight sex rive we love each other ver much tho im on pill iv got to much te tostrone and hormonal inblabce . it suck to here abut other people having so much fun i think i wont to be like them it suck .my body cant handle hardcore it frustrating for my bf or 2 yers and me to often get upset and i think it my fulit and im werido he think it his foult he got the problam what can i do i wont get better at sex but it anoying dont wont or think abut it much tryed thopy to it helped a little



I am 18 and I took both pills Prozac and birth control.I loved sex when me and me husband got together we got married when I 17 then i started Prozac and then i didn't wanted it was like it grossed me out nothing really turns me on idk what to do i am afraid it is going to kill our marriage we love each other i need it back if anyone has advise how to get it back please help thank you



I am both relieved and saddened that so many women are suffering bc of the bcps. Same thing happened to me. I remember being in the mood like all the time before getting on the pill, and then I was dead on my honeymoon for having taken the pill a month before in preparation. I mentally want to have sex but, physically I am not aroused and I dont really enjoy it. It has caused me to feel terrible about myself the first six months. I am 23 now, I stopped the pills for about 6 months already and I am still having problems. I had suspected it was the pills after my first month of marriage, but I was afraid to stop them and I was also a bit afraid of my gyno. I regret not having stopped them sooner... How long until I am back to normal? Wish I had been warned sooner. :/ I pray to God I get my old, healthy sex drive back!



I like to read this type of information.



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