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I'd really like to know what causes my yeast infections and am still trying to find out. I don't believe that it could be a reaction to my husbands ejaculate because we use a condom everytime. I still don't have my sex drive back-it's been almost six months since I quit the pill.
My doctor thinks my yeast infections are a sign that my blood sugar is high, but I've tested my blood sugar and it's low (borderline hypoglycemic).
I just recently went back to the dr for another culture to make sure the infection is gone & to make sure it's not a bacterial infection of some king-all my symptoms are gone but I still have unbearable pain during sex and sometimes a little white discharge & odor. I get the results next week. I just hope if it is gone it never comes back. & I hope I get my sex drive back soon.
I've been trying to research ways to increase libido or testosterone that doesn't involve going to the dr. If I did ask my dr (hopefully he doesn't laugh) is there even anything he can even do? Or do I have to see a different dr not my gynecologist? (I'm seeing my third gyno. by the way just can't seem to find a good one)



I've just read through this whole topic and feel mixed emotions! It's great to find out that so many of you have experienced the same loss of libido that I have been dealing with for the last 3.5 years (been on the pill for 4), but it's also scary to find out that some of you have come off and have still had no improvement after 6 months.

I really have no idea what to do now! Some of you also mentioned high anxiety, which I've also had for the last 3 years or so, although I've always seemed to worry more than others! I've been to three different family planning clinics and have felt like an idiot whenever I've tried to explain how my sex drive has become non-existent. One nurse even smiled at me and told me to buy some lube!!

To those that switched to the copper IUD, would you say there has been any improvement at all? I'm at a time in my life where getting pregnant is absolutely out of the question, but I feel like my boyfriend of 4 years isn't going to put up with a sexless relationship forever!

Good luck to everyone who is still checking this topic! x



Has anyone experience a huge increase in sex drive when they went off the pill? I have went on and off the pill a couple of times but this time is just totally different. I haven't taken it in about a month and a half and all of a sudden like over night its like someone flipped a switch. I went from no sex drive (like seriously if someone told me I couldn't have sex for a year it would probably be more of a relief than anything) to a full on raging libido. i have never experienced this before. My husband and I had sex three times yesterday and still the only thing I can think about it sex. I can't even concentrate at work. Its uncomfortable! I feel like I'm in heat or something lol! Maybe I'm ovulating? Don't get me wrong, its nice to be interested for once but this is a little ridiculous. I'd like to find a happy medium. Its pretty obvious my horomones are way out of whack. My husband is just scratching his head trying to figure out what the hell has gotten in to me.



After quitting the pill in March my sex drive has finally come back-I credit it to taking ginseng & exercising/eating right. I've still had problems with yeast infections and pain during sex. My doctor now thinks the pain I'm experiencing is from using condoms. It's still unknown why I have yeast infections. He wants me to quit using condoms and start a new birth control pill called Natazia. I read up about it and it's different than anything else out there, but I'm still really skeptical and have no desire to take any form of hormonal birth control ever again. So I'm feeling really torn. If the condoms are causing the pain I should stop using them, but there isn't any other very effective form of non-hormonal birth control out there that I know of. I'm scared really-either live my life with painful sex or take the risk of trying the new pill & see if it's really that different. Worse case scenario I take it and become depressed, fat, and have a non-stop yeast infection again.



Hey Liz. The pain may have been caused by a chemical your using. I know a woman who had pain during sex that lasted for several months. It turned out to be caused by her soap. What she ended up doing was going to the health food store and buying natural chemical free soap. (Avoid the Mint soaps, they stink when wet. I rather like the coco butter Black soap) She bathes using this soap, and also uses it to wash her underwear. It took a little over two months for the damage to heal, but eventually it did and now she is pain free.

As for the yeast infections, that's caused by an imbalance of your natural bacteria in your vagina. The good bacteria isn't there for some reason, and the yeast can take advantage of the absence and begins to grow out of control. These good bacteria are called lactobacilli which are the same organisms found in yogurt. In a healthy vagina these lactobacilli maintain a acidic environment with a pH around 3.8 - 4.5 pH. My guess is that your pH is off.

What you need to do is restore the natural balance. No layers of underwear, just basic cotton. Layering increases the heat and humidity. Sweat cant disperse its like a yeast oven. Also I would avoid douching for a while. Perhaps one of the more knowledgeable women here can give you some advice on restoring your balance.



I am having almost the same problem, I too am in a commited relationship and have basically no sex drive. My boyfriend is getting a bit irritated about it. I have no idea what to do. I really wish my doctor told me the pill would affect my sex drive, because I would have gone for another option. It is ruining my relationship. BEFORE I started the pill my boyfriend and I had an amazing sex life, now it is ruined.



Bubblegum Welcome aboard. You could try different pills, Each brand has a different mix. You should find one that doesn't effect you quite as much. Pills effect everyone differently.



I am having similar issues with BC pills. I am 34 and have been on bc pills since I was about 17. The only time I have been off them is when I was pregnant. The past 2 years my sex drive has been nonexistent. I don't want it ever. This is ruining my marraige. I can no longer have an orgasm and my husband has to beg for me to have sex with him. Until yesterday I didn't realize that bc pills could be the cause of all of this. I am due to get my pills refilled next month. I am going to find out about having my tubes tied instead. I am done having kids so this option would work for me. I am at my "prime" for my sex life and instead I feel like an 80 year old lady. MY doctors only suggest was to take a multivitamin......geez thanks.



I am 23 with a boyfriend and having the same problem. i realized this problem after i hd the mirena put in. About a yr later i had it taken out and got on the pills but there is still a low sex drive. i dont know what else to do. i need help!



I think after reading everyone's post I'm going off bc just to see if I can return to normal lol. I'm glad I found this website.



To Liz,

I just wondered if perhaps your constant yeast infection might be a reaction to latex? I've heard that some latex allergies can manifest themselves as thrush symptoms. Could be completely wrong but maybe give latex free condoms a try? They feel much better too.

Good luck.



Thank GOD I found this website and this forum!! I am now 21, I have been on Birth Control since I was 18. My boyfriend has been complaining to me about my low sex drive and for the last year I had no explanation. This past year we have noticed a huge drop in my sex drive and I now know its because of my birth control. Is there any solution? Should I stop taking my birth control right now? I wish they tell you ALL side-effects before issuing birth control. Is it too late for me to get my sex drive back?



No, it is not too late. I always advise against the pill, as I had many negative side affects myself, including a lowered sex drive. The copper IUD is what I am using, and besides the increase in painful cramps, it is awesome. Though, I imagine being under 25 it would be difficult to find a doctor who would give you one. I had a tough time getting one, and I was 26. Condoms may be a 'bummer' but they sure beat the awful side affects of hormonal birth control, though they aren't as effective.

Perhaps talk to your doctor about a different hormonal birth control? One that has had fewer cases of decreased sex drive. And, it's worth asking about the copper IUD, I got mine free but I know that they can seem to cost a lot but not so much when you factor in that they are good for 3-5 years!




How long before your sex drive became normal again? I can bargain with painful cramps and heavier periods for my sex drive back. I called my physician today, I do qualify for a free one. I just hope I am able to get one. Why is it so hard to get one for younger ppl?



Hm, well I went off hormonal BC years ago, so it's hard to remember. I am sure it depends on the person and how long you've been on BC, best to ask a Dr, I would guess around a month or so.

Because there is a very small chance, ]5%, that the IUD will puncture your uterus upon insertion, leaving you unable to bear children. I had 4 different Doctors say they wouldn't even discuss the option with me, and I was 26 at that time. I ended up with an unwanted pregnancy, after using a condom AND the MORNING AFTER PILL! (WTF!?) and decided to terminate. The up side was, the clinic was full of positive modern thinking women, and they gave me a copper IUD, for free!



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