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I have an extremely low sex drive and for a 22 year old in a committed relationship this is causing major problems. My boyfriend thinks its his fault but through my research I'm beginning to think that it may be caused by my birth control or anti-depressant. I am currently taking a birth control called Zovia and the anti-depressant Prozac. If anyone has taken these pills and has experienced similar effects please let me know what birth control to change to because I cannot change the Prozac. I have tried at least 5 different types of anti-depressants and this is the only one that has been able to help me. PLEASE HELP!


Unfortunately most types of hormonal birth control will effect your sex drive. For some women it doesn't at all, but it seems the majority see a decrease. I'm going through the same battle right now and after 11 years on birth control pills i've decided to go off them for good. I looked into the copper paraguard IUD but have not had kids yet (and i want to in the future)and the possible risks are too much of a concern for me.

If you are not willing to go off hormonal birth control than the best thing you can do is take care of yourself. Exercise regularily, eat healthy and be sure to take your vitamins, especially Omega3, B vitamins and Calcium/magnesium. By doing this you may find your sex drive picks back up.


Actually i have the same problem! im taking zoloft with orval birth control and i have a low sex drive.... both these pills work for me in a great way but also my boyfriend thinks its him as well im 22 and in a commited relationship, so i know how u feel...any updates i would love to know what works for u so i can try too


Just concerned y u are taking an anti-deppressant? Did you start taking it before the pill or after? I just turned 21 and am a newly wed. I've been taking the pill for 2 yrs & I have a low sex drive,pain and cramping when I do have sex, dryness, tons of yeast infections, weight gain, and for the past 3 mos what I think is depression. I'm happy with my life but lately I've had severe mood changes. I cry for hours several times a week. I snap at people and get bitchy and lately I can't sleep. I've done some research on side effects of the pill and I believe all the problems I'm experiencing are from the pill.
I'm also quitting the pill. To be honest before the pill I was a wet, horny, happy person and me and my hubby liked it that way. I've decided I will try charting and my hubby will use condoms. I've tried 3 different types of the pills & none of them are any better than the other for me.


Liz, I'm so glad I found your post! All of yours, actually.

I'm 22, have taken the birth control pill (first Yasmin then Yaz) for 2 years and have had all of Liz's side effects. After researching, I too think all of my symptoms were caused by the pill - including another terrible one, acid reflux that seriously irritated my asthma. My emotions are a roller coaster - half of the time I feel like crying and when my boyfriend tries to be romantic I have absolutely NO desire to be physical, sometimes the thought almost makes me cringe. And this is a gorgeous guy we're talking about!

Worse yet, I've been off the pill for six months, and feel the exact same way. I'm young, in love, and desperately want to feel that way again.

Have you found any natural or holistic suggestions for balancing hormones back out? The last thing I want to do is take another pill - my body has been through enough stress!


Hey tulip - I've been taking Maca root for a couple weeks now. Got it at my local health food store. I just went in and explained to the lady of my situation, trying to balance out my hormones after years of taking the pill. She suggested this as well as black cohash. It's hard to tell if it's working or not. Emotionally I have been very level, no major ups and downs, so thats a plus. But i've now had my period going on 3 weeks since stopping nuvaring so obviously my hormones are still out of wack.


I am so thankful for ALL your posts! I have definitely been feeling like I have a problem as I feel like I have no sex drive. I'm 24 and have been married a year and a half. I love the act of sex as I know it satisfies my awesome guy, but really he and I want me to desire it and love it too! Im on tricyclin Low and for the first time thought it might not just be me, it might be the pill. I'm going to my dr. tomorrow and want to discuss a change. I guess the best thing is to just get off the pill in general. Any other natural remedies others have used to get the lebido up and balance hormones? Any more help would be awesome to hear!


You should do Yoga to solve this problem.


To ALL women on birth control pills, especially Tulip & Smart Girly: I'm 28 & have been on low hormone bc pills for appx 13 years. I've experienced the same sympoms with going from an extrememly high sex drive to extremely low. I love my bf; we've only been together a year & I have a very strong attraction to him. I am 100% SURE the lack of drive is due to the pill. I got off pills YESTERDAY, and got the Copper T IUD (IU"C") implanted. I took 4 Ibuprofin before the procedure, but... it hurt pretty bad. I was in pain for hours, and I finally took some pretty heavy pain killers, but woke up ok, & ran 4 miles today. I hope to GOD I get the same desire to be sexually active I had before. I've read so much that says once it's gone, due to the pill, it's gone, and I just hope it's not true. I wish someone told me about the Copper T IUD(C) or Paragard ten years ago. I feel cheated out of some of the best years of my life. From what I've read you girls are a significant bit younger than myself, and from my experience, I say make an appointment to get the Copper T IUD right away, and stop taking the pill the day before you go (to avoid pregnancy). I wish I knew about this form of contraceptive before- it's 100% hormone free. I'm going to follow Tulip's advice and try Maca starting tomorrow. I already have Black Cohash. Keep talking to whoever you can & best of luck to us all.


Hey Everyone, I hope your still tuning into this thread because I have some pretty interesting info on this topic. I decided to see a womens health specialist and had many tests done to check my nutrient and hormone levels. She right of the bat told me to never go on birth control pills again because they totally make your hormone levels off balance. The progestin in birth control pills is a synthetic form that when taken causes a womens body to slow down the production of the natural hormone Progesterone. Progestin kind of fills in on the duties that the natural progesterone would normally do, but the progestin does not do a very good job of it. basically, Progesterone is responsible for sex drive, sleep patterns, fat synthesizing and a whole bunch of other things. My progesterone levels were extremely low due to being on the pill for so long she actually prescribed progesterone cream to bring my levels back up. because my progesterone was so low my estrogen was really high, i guess this big imbalance between the 2 hormones causes a lot of issues, especially anxiety issues. She also put me on an estrogen cleanse to get rid of the excess estrogen. Anyways, long story short, my low progesterone (due to being on the pill) is the sole cause of my anxiety, low sex drive and that extra bit of fat around my middle that won't leave no matter what i do.


SmartGirly: Wow, that's horrifying! ...and so unfortunate that no one told us this info when handing us our pills at 15 years old (in my case)! What kind of doctor exactly did you see? I'd like to go to one in my area too. Thanks for your post and all the info. Hope we can all help each other.


yeah i agree it is pretty horrifying, I'm in the same boat as you, 27 and have been on the pill since i was 16. There are some great websites out there explaining all of this. Just google "low progesterone in young women"

I saw a Bioidentical hormone specialist (BHRT) typically women going through menopause would visit someone like this but i had a feeling my hormones were pretty screwed up from the pill so i booked an appointment. It wasn't cheap, but it was worth it.


Thanks so much for posting that info, I just recently quit the pill because I was convinced it was causing all those problems. If my hormones don't return to normal in a couple weeks maybe I'll look into scheduling an appointment with a specialist also. If I ever have a daughter I know I'm going to tell her everything that happened to my body from being on the pill. I honestly don't think it's right for no one to warn you of these side effects. As a result of my problems, I also have a new gynecologist.


I have a question for everyone also, how long had you been taking the pill when these side effects began? I haven't even been on the pill 2 years yet and have experienced the same problems. I began noticing them 6 months after starting the first pill which was Ortho Tri Cyclin Lo. I began in May 2008 when I was 19 and am now 21.


Hey Liz- I was probably 15 when I started taking Lo Ovral I don't remember noticing the effects for a few years either. I also went off and on the pill due to breakups or whatever. I took 3 kinds total, Lo Ovral, Ortho Tricycline Low, and lastly Microgestin. When I started noticing the lack of drive, I attributed it to my boyfriend (at that time) thinking that I was just not really into him anymore, that it had grown into more of a friendship. All I know for sure is that crap has horrible side effects. I hope they're not lasting. And I too, can't believe no one warned me of this. I've warned all my friends and will continue to warn as many women as possible. Good luck Girls.


Hi Liz, I Don't really remember exactly when i started to notice the side effects either. I do remember having very high anxiety when i was 17/18, i'm just looking back now and thinking it was probably the pill. I still have some anxiety but have learned to control it over the years. As far as sex drive goes, it's been very off and on, but i do remember a couple years where i was just absolutely not interested in sex from about 22-24. I have been on quite a few pills ...Diane-35,Marvelon,LoEstrin,YAZ, NuvaRing ...and i know i'm forgetting some. I'm glad you women are become more aware of your choices when it comes to birth control and choosing what is best for you! I want to start some sort of website where I can warn other girls and women about the pill and create a sort of community where we can all talk about it. I'll let you know when i get it up and running.


A website is a good idea


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