IUD's for women who have never given birth
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Has anyone experienced any problems with an IUD who hasn't had a kid? I'm considering getting a copper IUD, since I have been off of all hormonal birth control methods since last summer. I never realized how badly the hormones were making me feel! I was on Yasmin for about three years and then switched to Ortho Evra, which I could only stand for a few months. The patch made my breasts feel like they were going to pop! I actually have a sex drive now that I'm off birth control and I have a personality again lol. I always felt so stiff and lifeless on the pills.

So yeah, I'm 18 years old. Have never had a kid. I need a better birth control option but I don't want to pay for an IUD just to find out it won't work for me. Could use some words of advice, please!



I have the same exact question. Except, in my case, I experienced an awful side effect from hormonal pills. I got Erythema Nodosum, but any way, I need an effective alternative and I am interested in the copper IUD, but I've never been pregnant, so what kinds of real-life complications have any of you had?



I'm 22 and have never had any children. I have had an paraguard (copper) iud for about 2.5 years. I'd say if you are forgetful, it's smart, but it's not fun during periods, because of the 7 day heavy periods and heavy cramping really sucks, but I'd rather have that once a week every month than have to keep track of pills. I would have got the hormone iud, but I didn't because they say periods might go away, and I believe periods are healthy and good indicators for possible pregnancy. Plus, I figured the less hormones the better. With either of the IUDs, the insertion is horrible, and the cramps last for 2—3 hours after, but then you are good to go for 10 (copper) or 5 (paraguard) years. I figured, hey I'm a busy working college student, I don't need one more thing to remember lead alone a pregnancy because of my forgetfulness. For me, it is totally worth it, and from what I've read, it is easier to get pregnant after birth control ( when you're trying) if you don't have a hormone iud.

Hope that helps!



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