I am Catholic
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As we all know, Catholics are prohibited by the Church to not only have sex outside marriage but we are also prohibited from using artificial forms of birth control. So aside from withdrawal and calendar methods, anybody know another natural way?



I think that there is one other way...abstinence...haha! Yeah I know it sucks but since you are catholic, then maybe you should not have sex until marriage? however, these are not really realistic so i guess you can try calendar or withdrawal but these will not protect you 100% from pregnancy or STD



It so weird talking about sex and religion, oh well. I think it would be better if you try the artificial ones because calendar and withdrawal are not really reliable.



You are married then? I don't understand why the catholic church would impose this prohibitions. People will still find ways, outside of marriage. And if you go natural, sometimes the urge is too strong. Then you get unwanted pregnancies. Would you want more children when financially you can't deal with it? It is just not practical.



Go with artificial till your ready for kids!



trust me, i know lots of catholics who don't really listen to what their church says. lol! you're a rare dear



you can try getting your Basal Body Temperature. Basically it's just like checking for a fever. but you stick the thermometer down there :)



bahhh religion & politics something you really dont wana talk about. people could get into heated arguments just for having differnt political affiliations or religious beliefs. people cant seem to learn that everyone is entitled to her/his opinion.



religion, sex and pre-marital sex!!! what can i say bernadette except maybe to go with a method that works for you. if you are more comfortable with artificial means then go on, but if you are more at peace with the natural forms of birth control, then stick to it!

sex is fun but you should also handle it like an adult :)




go to naturallyforher.com and look at a device called a LadyComp. I'm getting married in Dec. I'm not catholic, but I am a very devoted Christian and my conscience will not let me use the pill...there are abortifacient factors involved with it. And what's the fun in using a condom? I've saved myself all this time, and I want the real deal when I am married, and it's not a sin! :) This little contraption is hopefully my answer, and can be yours too!



I have heard that the symptothermal method is okay for Catholics to use. You can learn about natural family planning at various places online. Personally, I understand why Catholics are against the use of artificial contraception. However, I don't think it's right to prohibit people from controlling whether or not they have children. Also, a Catholic is ONLY allowed to use natural family planning to avoid conceiving for a serious reason. Believe me, I know. I used to be a devout Catholic.



I totally understand because I am Catholic. For years I used the rhythm cycle but that is only reliable if your periods are VERY accurate and you know when you're ovulating. If not there is no other way and I believe it's a choice you have to make for yourself. The church makes guidelines but I believe when it comes to a decision like that it's been you and God.



I'm a catholic too, at at 22 years of age, im in a very small percentage of my age group who go to mass regularly, my boyfriend is also catholic, both our parents are catholics and do not know we are 'living in sin' as they call it, we have been sleeping together now for two years, and using the pill and condoms, as neither of us want children. i'm not upset over the fact i'm having pre-marital sex, seeing as i've broken one 'rule' i may aswell break the one about contraception to ensure we have safe sex and no 'illegitimate' children. the catholic church decided on that rule years ago, and in no way do i feel guilty, i'd feel guiltier getting pregnant and in a way it would ruin both our future plans, and our parents would all be furious. bernadette,if you're going to do it, better be safe than sorry!



you can use barrier methods like diaphragm or female cap, the devices will not interfere with your hormones and they are not linked to causing abortion as part of their contraceptive effect.



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