Breastfeeding as Birth control
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Is breast feeding a form of birth control? How long can you breast feed and not get pregnant?



Yes it is. This is quite effective especially in the first 6 months after delivery. Women can do this if the primary source of food of their baby is their breastmilk.



A friend of mine did this for 8 months. But the baby started eating more solid food so they had to find another contraceptive method.



This method is will only work if the mom is the baby's main source of food. the breastfeeding will delay the onset of you period but if you give the baby some babyfood then it might not work anymore.



Yep this works but should be supplemented with another form when the baby starts eating solid food.



It can also help you lose the weight you gained, so two benefits :)



I found out that its called lactating amenorrhea. effective up to a certain point.



but what happens when I want to have my period back again? stop breastfeeding?



course not! the doc can give you meds so that you can menstruate again. my sister-in-law did this till my nephew was 6 months old, they had him on a formula for when she's at work.



why for a short time only? 6/8 months is still early.



this was how my mom got pregnant with my sister, 5 months after me, LOL!

so you need to be careful and follow instructions to a T!



so you will have no cycle for the entire time you are breastfeeding?



wow this is very interesting! and according to a site i found on google, no period while breastfeeding purely!



This is quite common actually. It is a win-win situation because breastfeeding is a very good way to lose weight, plus your baby gets the most nutritious milk, plus it is a form of birth control... so 3 benefits!



this is cool. it definately is a win-win situation for mom and baby.

but it looks like baby needs to be fed pure breastmilk the whole time right? so this method wont be effective past 6 months coz babies start eating solid food around this time, right?

these questions aside, it makes good bonding time for mother and child. I will try this when i have a baby in the future.



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